LAWYERS BILBAOLoroño Lawyers is a law firm located in Bizkaia and Madrid, based in our offices in Bilbao, Getxo, Madrid and Barakaldo. The clear intention of the lawyers of our firm is to assist each and every one of our clients in both its legal procedures as extrajudicial.

Friendly and professional treatment, which gives a large firm as Loroño Lawyers.

Special fields:

At the firm Loroño Lawyers Bilbao Bizkaia  we are specialists in proceedings of the cases named  below, although not all are indeed a good example of what we do every day in our office and what we  are experts and are widely specialized thanks to our experience throughout our careers

  • Claims for compensation in traffic accidents

  • Matrimonial law (divorces and separations)

  • Criminal Law. Criminal Lawyers (felony and misdemeanor)

  • Severance and claim amounts owed wages

  • Crimes against public health

  • Claim for unpaid delinquent (debts)

  • Floor Clause

  • Medical Negligence and work disability

  • Inheritance

  • Immigation status

Besides many other procedures enshrined in the areas of specialization of civil, commercial, criminal, labor and administrative law

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