CIVIL LAWThe Department of Civil law is he wider  because Loroño Lawyers’ areas and subjects that includes is the largest of our legal system (claim compensation, divorce, contracts, …).

In this important area we stand out the following services that we provide solving any kind of controversy in Civil Law from any of our law offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Getxo and Barakaldo offering quality service by our best lawyers:

Matrimonial Lawyers (family): One of the most important areas of civil law: Marriage contract, alimony, divorce    and  separation, express divorce, paternity and filiation, disabilities, guardians.

Expert Lawyers in separation and divorce: both divorce or separation by mutual agreement as contentious, paying special attention to the study of joint custody, and alimony.

Banking law attorney, mortgage attorneys: Specialists claiming of unfair clauses, floor clauses with extensive training in Mortgage Law Registry and Notary, preparation of legal documents, dation in payment, enforcement of security, domain records

Lawyers for Civil Contracts: Whether your contract is been written by expert lawyers to assert or defend your rights: property rights, sales, leases under current law, loans, bonds and guarantees, mandates, swaps.

Lawyers for  inheritance and succession: As testamentary Advisors, our attorneys will advise regarding the institution that best suits your needs, in the process of executing a will, writing in partitional notebooks or defending the legitimate rights of the heirs.

•Civil Lawyers. General Liability.

•Contractual liability.

• Non-contractual  liability.

• Claims Attorneys of amount. Delinquent debts. Homeowners with defaults on a condominium.

• Claims Airlines.

Attorneys in Traffic Accident Claims.

•Debt Claims.

• Health Law. Medical malpractice.

• Tourism Law. Defense the interests of the Tour Operator, customer / user. Combined Travel Act.

• Real rights of enjoyment, security and procurement.

•Consumers and users. Faulty  products. Real-estate.

• Disolution procedures of common things, condominium extinction, Judicial Division assets.

• Breach of contract. Resolution or execution of the contract and claim for damages.

• Urban and rural leases: resolution of all conflicts that may arise thereof.

• Contracts: drafting and analysis of all types of contracts.

•Processes on the people’s ability: incapacitation, conservatorship, appointment of a guardian and accountability.

• Processes for judicial authorization of sale.

• Claims for payment.

• Liability Claims for damages arising from Accidents and Negligence.

•Injunctions of new construction, resumption of successive, and registration of properties.

• Declarative Domain.

• Usucapion (adverse possession of the domain).

• Invalidity of contracts or covenants.

• Implementation of real rights.

• About actions Condominium Act.

• Third party domain and best of  law.

• Honorary Rights about the honor, privacy and image, or protection of other fundamental rights.

• Unfair competition, intellectual property and industrial property advertisement.

• Terms of the  contract.

• About retraction, reversal, easements.




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Loroño Abogados es un bufete jurídico ubicado en Bizkaia y en Madrid, atendiendo en nuestros despachos en Bilbao, en Getxo y en Barakaldo y en Madrid.

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About Loroño abogados

Loroño Abogados es un bufete jurídico ubicado en Bizkaia y en Madrid, atendiendo en nuestros despachos en Bilbao, en Getxo y en Barakaldo y en Madrid.
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