Terms related with civil actions:

Specified below some of the most relevant deadlines established our legal system, although it is advisable to fill  the claims as soon as possible, as they often over time difficult test and, therefore, the chances of success of each action to pursue.

– 1 year for tort claims such as slips or falls by poor soil conditions, detachments of building elements, damage caused by the son of our neighbor, etc.

– 15 years to claim for medical malpractice occurred in a hospital or private clinic.

– One year to claim for medical negligence occurred in a public hospital.

– Two months in advance to inform their insurance company will not renew the policy it has with them.

– 5 years personal insurance, property insurance 2 years

– 3 years from the date of damage, to claim for damages caused by defective products within ten years.

– 6 months after delivery of the object, to claim for defects in the sale between individuals and used cars.

-3 Years from the time of delivery, in the sale of products for defects which appear in the first three years.

– Two years after the damage, in the sale of property, is caused by defects in the finished produced the first year, defects in construction elements affecting the buildability and appearing in the first three years, and in the foundation or structural defects that appear in the first ten years

– Two years to demand from airlines for delay, cancellation or overbooking, for delay, lost or damaged luggage.

– 1 year for impairment baggage claim, where land and sea transport.

– Two years to demand changes hired packages vacation, or non theoretically provide services including, in the case of package holidays.

– Numbered 7 days from receipt to return products purchased from a distance, without giving any reason.

– 3 months to challenge an agreement of a Community of Owners, if it is harmful to the interests of the community or is a serious injury to any owner who does not have the obligation to bear

– One year to challenge an agreement of a Community of Owners, if it is contrary to law or statute.

– Four years in bringing action for rescission and annulment of a contract.

– One year to bring an action to recover or retain possession (for example, to seek an injunction new construction).

– Five years to claim unpaid alimonies.

– Five years to claim income from lease, or other periodic payment agreed for years or for shorter periods.

– 20 years for the exercise of the foreclosure action.

– 15 years for the exercise of personal actions that do not have designated a specific limitation period (Article 1964 of the Civil Code.)

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