CRIMINAL LAWWe are are criminal lawyers in this area of law is the most urgent and which need a fast and effective intervention by our experienced attorneys.

In our law firms in Bilbao, Getxo Barakaldo and Madrid there is always a criminal lawyer on call who will assist you in those first moments of confusion, with availability to travel anywhere in the country

In this this field of law, we assist our clients in a comprehensive manner, even in the prison area, with true experts in the field. Often come to Loroño Lawyers  people who are in prison and thanks to our attorneys have been obtained prison benefits such as leave, grades and, ultimately, freedom.

The criminal law is broad. Note that professional criminologists of Loroño Lawyers  can advise, represent and defend you in each of the situations that may be directly or indirectly affected; accused in your situation, handicapped, etc., processed both defense and prosecution, complaints and lawsuits, criminal trial, assistance in investigating crimes, prison welfare, resources

Our solid experience in the criminal area led us to believe that is accurate strict confidence between client and lawyer so that the defense is always the most appropriate to the case.

The complexity of everyday life may involve us in criminal proceedings that need the best representation and defense. In Loroño Lawyers have the best professionals to assist in complicated cases and unusual legal problems.

Proceeding Crimes and Misdemeanors:

• Personal Injury: Homicide and its forms; Injuries against bodily integrity, physical or mental health.

• Materials and heritage damage: theft, robbery, punishable insolvency, criminal bankruptcy, misappropriation,  fire.

• Against Liberty: illegal arrests and abductions, threats, coercion, failure to provide relief, sexual offenses.

• Against family relations: gender violence, breach of the duties of custody, inducing minors, leaving home, family abandonment, minor child or incompetent

• About falsehoods: counterfeiting, documentaries, fraud, crimes against

• Against Public Administration: graft and bribery, influence peddling,

• Against honor (injuries and libel), privacy, the right to self-image and the inviolability of the home.

• For misuse of motor vehicles, traffic accidents, blood alcohol level

• Corporate crimes: bankruptcy proceedings punishable,  offense abusive agreements and violation of the political rights of members, violation of business secrecy, financial crimes, crimes against the Treasury and

• Crimes against public health related to the issue of drugs.

• Crimes against the rights of workers and collective security.

• Offences relating to the market and consumers.

• Commercial Crimes, malicious alteration of the prices and handling

• Extradition procedures and counseling of the procedures abroad

•Examination of evidence, processing of letters rogatories and international judicial assistance.

• Offences against the honor.

• Crimes against the property.

• Crimes against freedom.

• Crimes against sexual freedom

Crimes against public health (drugs).

•Delitos contra los derechos de los trabajadores.

•Delitos contra los derechos y deberes familiares.

• Crimes against the rights of workers.

• Offenses against family rights and duties.

• Economic crimes.

• Reckless injuries ( traffic accidents, medical malpractice …)

• Assistance to detainees.


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Loroño Abogados es un bufete jurídico ubicado en Bizkaia y en Madrid, atendiendo en nuestros despachos en Bilbao, en Getxo y en Barakaldo y en Madrid.

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About Loroño abogados

Loroño Abogados es un bufete jurídico ubicado en Bizkaia y en Madrid, atendiendo en nuestros despachos en Bilbao, en Getxo y en Barakaldo y en Madrid.
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