Deadlines labor measures


-20 days to claim against the disciplinary dismissal (for the calculation of this term, are not taken into account the day on which the letter of termination is given, the remaining days until the dismissal effectiveness, Saturdays, or the day on which the request for conciliation by the SMAC or lawsuit is filed).

– 20 days to oppose sanctions imposed by the employer.

– 20 days to challenge business decisions relating to geographical mobility or substantial change in working conditions.

– 20 days to claim against a termination of employment for objective reasons or termination of a temporary contract.

– 10 days to prescribe minor infringements committed by the employee 20 days in the case of serious, and 60 days in the case of very serious offenses.

– One year to claim the amounts owed to the employer.

– One year to complain to the Wage Guarantee Fund (FOGASA), from which came the Conciliation before the SMAC, the judgment or decision of the Labour Authority.

– 30 days to submit a prior complaint against an administrative decision.

– 30 days to file suit before the Labour Court, after the receipt of the dismissal of the previous claim.

– 15 days to apply for unemployment benefit, from the day on which the employment relationship is terminated.



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